Kain Kapas By Archdaily

Kain Kapas By Archdaily

November 9, 2022 / By editor

A Cultural Incubator in Indonesia and a Spiraling Gallery in South Korea: 8 Unbuilt Cultural Centers Submitted to ArchDaily

BDD Center – The design of spaces capable of changing and responding to various forms of artistic expression

BDD is a new cultural paradigm that places contemporary ideas in a constantly moving and evolving time frame that connects the deep history of culture, creativity and geographical maps of architects, designers and artists in the Bintaro region, the presence of activities and works of artists that continuously project into the future.

This building is understood as a curatorial toolbox that supports the juxtaposition of activities and productions in terms of time, geography, scale and media. A unique spatial matrix not limited by disciplinary categories, with a range of sizes that offers unlimited flexibility for all media. The gallery is connected by a super lobby as an extension of the city and its gardens, inviting creative breaks. By combining curatorial experimentation with new educational models, BDD becomes a cultural incubator for Tangerang and Jakarta.