Stomilker Published By Architizer

Stomilker Published By Architizer

February 22, 2021 / By admin

Stomilker published by Architizer

The name Stonemilker is derived from the name of the first song title from Björk’s “Vulnicura” album, which was explained by the sho. Based on “Song Exploder” podcast episode 60, Björk revealed the meaning and backstory of “Stonemilker”: “It’s about someone trying to get emotions out of another person. The whole song is emotionally about wanting clarity, simplicity and Talking to someone who wants things that need to be really complex and foggy and unclear. And you say, ok, you have clarity: do you want to do it or not? So it’s kind of a celebration of simplicity and clarity. ”

“A juxtaposition in fate — Find our mutual coordinates”