Piko Studio

Iabadiou Piko is a self-taught artist specializing in fine-art photography. His art is heavily inspired by his surroundings. – He expresses the reality in pictures and translates them into a rich pictorial language. “My work is an expression and reminder of behavior and personal anxiety about the perception of material, reality, fantasy and human transformation. It was inspired by scribbles, lines, images, impressions of forms, shapes, colors and environments that I’ve seen.”
.–Iobadiou Piko—
Through his painting we can recognize the influence of 20th Century artists from Picasso, Basquiat, Dubuffet and Twombly. Derived from Piko’s art, the atmosphere of his painting is revealed as if the artist liberated his soul to reach the pinnacle of creativity. Searching for the expressiveness of abstraction, the works seem so metaphorical and allegorical and serve as a visual diary in which he recorded and illustrated his experiences and memories.

His studio consists of three room sequences; the ground floor consists of living room, bedrooms and service. The second floor is for leisure and entertainment: the third floor for library, studio and gallery.

The ground floor and the basement consist of different rooms that serve as a base. The interior processes recognize only a few sensitive spots and important nodes to accommodate activities for the user.

The second floor, organized as “Pendopo”, is the head. A room with a high ceiling is covered with sunscreen, which is installed from a multiple suspended ceiling wood as a curtain of direct sunlight, which is arranged at a certain distance to mimic the effect of the leaves and their shadows.
“The architecture of Javanese houses is essentially an embodiment of the protection architecture. This opinion seems to be based on information contained in traditional Javanese sources, namely Kawruh Kalang, which states: “Tiyang Sumusup griya punika saged kaupamekaken ngaubing sangandhaping kajeng ageng” meaning “the person entering the house, harbors (shelter) a big tree.”
— Prijotomo—

The design of this studio is a metaphor of the Javanese House and Piko Art. As we found out, there is a connection between Javanese House and Piko’s Art, both in terms of the composition and the conceptual idea. In addition to Piko’s art, Javanese House has six different rooms (Pendopo, Peringgitan, Dalem, Senthong, Gandok and Pawon) connected by a corridor as the anchor of these various spaces. As with Piko, different shapes are aligned as the foreground, while the corridor or the harbor is used as the background.
“Javanese call their place of residence the term Omah. The word omah is a form of two words om, which are interpreted as space and are male (paternal), and mah, which are interpreted as weak (land) and female (maternal). The Omah (house) is thus interpreted as a miniature of the human universe consisting of the father of space and Mother Earth”
. –Pitana—


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Architect in Charge

Kurniawan Sri

Design Team

Kurniawan Sri, Yuli Sri Hartanto