The Canopy Of Transformation In European Old City Squares

The architectural premise explores the evolution of traditional elements within Europe’s historic city squares, focusing on the transformation of ornamental columns into a modern canopy installation. The premise is rooted in the concept of merging ancient architectural features with contemporary design, breathing new life into familiar structures.

At its core, the premise emphasizes the dynamic relationship between tradition and innovation. It acknowledges the rich heritage of classical architecture while embracing the need for adaptation in a rapidly changing urban landscape. By morphing ornamental Greek-style columns into a pavilion canopy, the premise challenges conventional notions of form and function, offering a fresh perspective on architectural design.

The emergence of the canopy from the classical building facade symbolizes a departure from rigid architectural norms, inviting exploration and reinterpretation. This alternative idea fosters a sense of creativity and experimentation, encouraging architects to push the boundaries of tradition while remaining rooted in cultural heritage.

Crafted from warm wood materials, the canopy exudes a welcoming atmosphere, providing a stark contrast to the austere facades of surrounding buildings. Despite its modern appearance, the canopy maintains a sense of connection to its historical context, bridging the gap between past and present.

The premise also explores the concept of alienation within the urban environment. While the canopy may initially appear unfamiliar amidst the traditional cityscape, its integration with the classical building facade creates a sense of cohesion and unity. This juxtaposition of old and new encourages dialogue and interaction, fostering a dynamic relationship between architecture and the surrounding environment.

Overall, the architectural premise serves as a catalyst for innovation and exploration within Europe’s old city squares. By reimagining traditional elements in a contemporary context, architects have the opportunity to create spaces that resonate with both the past and the future, enriching the urban experience for generations to come.


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Public Space

Architect in Charge

Yuli Sri Hartanto

Design Team

Yuli Sri Hartanto Kurniawan Sri